SFI opposes PPP model in Edu sector; agitates against Govt

The Student’s body of the opposition CPI-M and its Left front – Students’ Federation of India (SFI) state committee on Tuesday walked on a protest rally to agitate against the alleged privatization of the education sector in the state and slogged for 'Save Government Education'. 

The SFI state secretary Sandipan Deb, who led the rally here at Agartala and said, “Government must stop taking fees from the students in their education institutions and rollback from implementing the PPP model in further establishment of education infrastructures in the state.”

“Government is ruining the entire education sector in Tripura to land the students and their careers in trouble in the name of Mission Vidyajyoti Scheme,” he alleged, adding that the government should repeal all discriminatory policies from the education sector for the welfare of the students of this state.

He termed the NEP as ‘tantamount to a disaster’ in the education sector and called for a massive agitation against the government to save the education sector of the state.  

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