Protests erupt across Peru, police officers deployed to guard capital Lima

Protesters and police clashed on the streets of Lima on Thursday as thousands of demonstrators from across Peru convened upon the Peruvian capital, facing a massive show of force by local police. The Andean country’s weeks-long protest movement, which seeks a complete reset of the government, was sparked by the ouster of former President Pedro Castillo in December and fueled by deep dissatisfaction over living conditions and inequality in the country.

Protestors marching in Lima, in defiance of a government-ordered state of emergency, demanded the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and called for general elections as soon as possible.

At least 54 people have been killed amid clashes with security forces since the unrest began. The national Ombudsman’s office said, 772 people, including security officials, have been injured.

Fierce clashes also broke out in the southern city of Arequipa, near its international airport, which suspended flights yesterday.

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