Minister Pranajit Singha Roy distributes offer letters

 Minister for Finance, Planning and Coordination, Information Technology Pranajit Singha Roy on Saturday handed over offer letters for 19 LDC posts at the Secretariat.

Minister for Finance, Planning and Coordination, Information Technology Pranajit Singha Roy said one of the goals of the government is to deliver various public oriented projects and facilities to the people. The government wants to gain the trust and confidence of the people through the implementation of development programs. The government has taken various steps for the overall development and public welfare of the state, he added.

Out of the 19 LDC posts 14 of the offer recipients will be appointed in the Department of Planning and Coordination, 4 in the Audit Directorate and 1 in the Taxes Organization.

The government is determined to establish good governance in the state. The government has given utmost importance to the use of technology to speed up government work. Now various functions of the government have been made paperless. E-office management has been introduced. In the event, the finance minister told the offer recipients that the government is committed to the development of the state. The welfare of the people is the priority area of the present government, he added.

The BJP-led Tripura government is working for overall development of the people of the state. Tripura has created a model of 'good governance and protection of people' under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people of the state would have to carry forward the tradition, he added.

The Narendra Modi government scaled up various welfare schemes keeping the poor in focus and expedited their implementation. The Modi government scaled up schemes and enhanced speed to achieve targets so that they reached the last person in society, he added.

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