Catastrophic wildfires scorching Maui island in US killed at least 53 people

The catastrophic wildfires scorching Maui island in the US state of Hawaii have killed at least 53 people. Efforts continue to put out the flames that have burned on the island for three days. Governor Josh Green said, the death toll is expected to rise significantly as responders go through the hundreds of buildings that were burned to the ground.

 He said more than 1,700 buildings were destroyed in the fire. US Coast Guard said its sailors had saved 17 lives from the water after people plunged into the Pacific Ocean to escape from the raging wildfires, and located 40 survivors on land. In the historic town of Lahaina, wildfires wiped out shops, restaurants and a hotel built more than century ago. 

US President Joe Biden has declared the Hawaii wildfires a major disaster, unblocking federal funds for the hard-hit island of Maui. Mr. Biden has expressed his deep condolences at the loss of lives and vast destruction of land and property.

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