Five Bangladeshis nationals arrested

Dharmanagar RPF have arrested five Bangladeshi nationals for illegal entry. After that they were handed over to Dharmanagar police by RPF. They admitted to being Bangladeshi nationals during police interrogation, said a police official.

According to the police officer, on the basis of secret information, Dharmanagar RPF received information that there are five Bangladeshi nationals in the Agartala-Bengaluru-bound Humsafar Express. Based on that news, the railway police arrested five suspected Bangladeshi nationals from the train at around 8 am and handed them over to Dharmanagar police station. During police interrogation, they admitted to illegally entering Tripura. He said that there are two women and three men among them.

He also said that the arrested are Shafiqul Islam Boy (40), Mohammad Rafiq (27), Shahab Ali Sheikh (61) and Mumtaz Akhtar (18) and Rozina Begum (35) residents of Pushkhali. Their interrogation revealed that they crossed the border through brokers. Each paid twenty thousand Bangladeshi taka to the broker. The broker made them cross the barbed wire fence through Amtali in Bangladesh in the dark of night. At that time they did not see the Border Security Force and from there came to Agartala railway station.

It is also known that among these five people, Mohammad Rafiq has been working in Bangalore for the past few years. He has earlier taken several Bangladeshi nationals to Bangalore for work purposes. He left with those four people for the purpose of work.


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