About Us

Tripuratoday, the most popular news based website of Tripura was launched on 20-December-2006 . The aim was to disseminate real-time news updates to viewers across the globe. It was a bold step taken by Bapi Roy, one of the premier photographers of the state. From day one Tripuratoday has carved a niche for itself to remain at par with the best in business. Its unbiased reporting of events from time to time has received widespread acclaim. Tripuratoday prides itself of taking a neutral view of happenings in Tripura, its vicinity and elsewhere.
Tripuratoday is owned by Bapi Roy, who started his career in a leading local newspaper. He was the first cameraman of the state to work in a satellite news channel. Dhrubajyoti Shiva, The news editor is also a known face in the media scene, having nearly two decades experience in working in all the local English dailies and most of the news magazines of the North East. Under his able guidance a team of young budding scribes and photographers strive to bring the latest news as well as views from Tripura and outside, mostly having relevance to the state. Tripuratoday remains committed to help the state in its endeavor to become number one in the whole nation. We appreciate your views and opinion as this remains the guiding force for us.