PM Modi celebrates Pongal in Delhi; Says promotion of millets is benefitting small farmers, young entrepreneurs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that millet promotion is benefitting small farmers and young entrepreneurs in the country. He added that over three crore farmers doing millet farming are directly benefiting from its promotion and there is a new awareness about millet - Shri Anna and many youth have taken up startup ventures on millet.

Mr. Modi stated this while taking part in Pongal celebrations at the residence of Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Dr  L Murugan in New Delhi today.

The Prime Minister underlined the rural, crop and farmer connection of every festival in India. Quoting great saint Thiruvalluvar, he highlighted the role of educated citizens, honest businessmen and good crops in nation-building and said that during Pongal, fresh crop is offered to god which puts Annadata Kisans at the centre of this festive tradition.

Mr. Modi said the festival of Pongal reflects the national spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat and noted that the same spirit can be witnessed in the tradition started by Kashi-Tamil Sangamam and Saurashtra-Tamil Sangamam which records enthusiastic participation by people from the Tamil community in large numbers. He added that this feeling of unity is the biggest force to build a Viksit Bharat by 2047.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted that the main element of the Panch Pran that he had invoked from the Red Fort was to energise the unity of the country and to strengthen unity. He called for re-dedicating ourselves to the resolution of strengthening the unity of the nation on this auspicious occasion of Pongal.

The Prime Minister also noted Lohri celebrations taking place yesterday, the festive occasion of Makar Uttarayan today, Makar Sankranti to be celebrated tomorrow and the onset of Magh Bihu very soon. Mr.  Modi conveyed his best wishes to all citizens for the ongoing festive period in the country.

Prime Minister Modi also extended wishes to countrymen on the occasion of Uttarayan. In a social media post, the Prime Minister said that he is praying for everyone's happiness and well-being on this occasion. Mr. Modi hoped that it would also open new opportunities and possibilities for everyone. The Prime Minister also expressed that may God fulfill everyone's aspirations.

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