CM Vows to Transform Educational Institutions into 'Centres of Excellence' for Quality Education

Tripura Chief Minister Prof. Dr Manik Saha on Thursday said that the state government is working earnestly to provide quality education in the state and initiatives have been taken to develop educational institutions as 'Centres of Excellence'.

“To implement this initiative of the government, teachers also have to take an important role. Only then will the face of the state will shine brighter in the field of education”, said Chief Minister Dr Saha while inaugurating Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (IASE) at Kunjaban today.

Dr Saha said that the state government is constantly working to improve the quality of education in the state and is committed to imparting values and quality education in all schools.

 “The state government is continuously striving to enhance the quality of education. We are dedicated to imparting values and ensuring high-quality education in all schools across the state. When the quality of education in a state improves, the state's overall development shines. The intelligence of the children of Tripura is no less than in any other region. They are not lagging behind in any aspect; they only require the right platform," said Dr Saha.

He said, “One can now study using mobile or laptop devices. However, let us remember that 'old is gold.' True depth of a subject can only be reached through reading the pages of a book. This process fosters intellectual excellence, which cannot be achieved through mobile or laptop usage. Thanks to the sincere efforts of the Prime Minister, we have successfully launched the National Education Policy after 33 years, as the need for it has been felt over time. Now, the whole world is moving forward, and the Prime Minister rightly said that knowledge will be the key to success in the future”.

Dr. Saha praised teachers, highlighting their role as exemplary figures in society. He emphasized that teachers hold a place above all others, and parents take pride in introducing them. The unique and affectionate relationship between teachers and students is unparalleled.

The Chief Minister said an allocation of Rs 10 crore in this year's budget for the development of educational institutions. He firmly believed that by providing proper education and knowledge to the future generations, the state's heritage will be preserved.

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Chairperson of NCTE Nilima Bhagwati, Secretary of Education Department Sharadindu Chowdhury, Director of Higher Education Department NC Sharma, Principal of IASE Ratna Roy, and other eminent personalities.

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