Govt blocks over 100 websites for facilitating organized illegal investment & task based part time job frauds

The Home Affairs Ministry has identified and blocked over 100 websites involved in organized investment or task-based - part time job frauds under the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre initiative. The Ministry in an official release said that these websites facilitated task-based or organized illegal investment-related economic crimes.

The Ministry added that the websites were being operated by overseas actors and used digital advertisement, chat messengers and mule or rented accounts. It added that the proceeds were allegedly laundered out of India from large scale economic frauds using card networks, cryptocurrency, overseas ATM withdrawals and international Fintech companies. The National Cybercrime Threat Analytics Unit acted upon this last week.

The Ministry has advised citizens to promptly report phone numbers and social media handles used by such fraudsters to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

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