CM Dr Manik Saha welcomes freshers of MBB College

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha on Monday welcomed the freshers of Agartala MBB College in a reception ceremony held here at Agartala and said that the MBB College of Agartala, built by the Tripura’s last ruler Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur has gained popularity and reputation across the nation.

“Large section of students of this historic college of the state who passed out in the past are presently established outside the state and abroad. This college has its significance in rendering quality education since its inception,” Dr Saha said.

He said, “Tripura government is working diligently to fulfil the dream of Maharaja Bir Bikram in enhancing the education sector of the state.”

Addressing the gathering of students in the reception ceremony, Dr Saha lambasted the previous government and alleged, “Earlier we witnessed that the college was turned into a chaotic atmosphere to ruin the education system of the college. The things have changed now, where the students are free from the chaotic atmosphere and are able to pursue quality education from this college which has its historical importance.”

“As part of the government's utmost effort in boosting the education sector, many private educational institutions including 2 Medical Colleges, Law College, National Forensic University, Dental College, Nursing College have been established in the state. Government has been working to make all necessary arrangements in education to allow the students of Tripura to pursue their higher studies within the state instead of moving abroad,” he said.

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