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Sl No.Description / TitleDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender for brick soled roads to be converted to all weather road by paver blocks/khasiamangal to shakala molsum para.PWD (Roads and Buildings)23-04-202118-05-2021download
2Press Notice Inviting e-Tender no:02/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2021-22PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-04-202124-05-2021download
3Press NIE-T NO:- 03/EE/PNie-T/MECh-Divn/AGT/2021-22PWD (Roads and Buildings)28-04-202112-05-2021download
4Press NIE-T NO:- 18/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/ 2021-22PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)28-04-202112-05-2021download
5PNIeT No : 14/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2021-22 Date: 20-04-2021PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)28-04-202117-05-2021download
6PNie-T NO:- 17/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2021-22.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)29-04-202117-05-2021download
7Press NIE-T NO:- 15/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/ 2021-22PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)29-04-202117-05-2021download
8PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: PNie-T No: 03/EE/DWS/AGT-1112021-22PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)29-04-202117-05-2021download
9e-Tender in 2(two) bid system PNJe-T No:- 01/EE/RIG/2021-22PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)01-05-202130-05-2021download
10Corrigendum Memo NoF.TC-1 (P-1)/EE/PWD/AMP/176-245 dated, 20/04/2021PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)01-05-202130-05-2021download
11PRESS NOTICE INVITING TENDER No:-01/PNle-T/EE/WRD-IV/BLN/2021-22 Dt. 27-04-2021PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)03-05-202120-05-2021download
12Dismantling of old garage and cycle stand at the proposed site of new hostel building at SIPARD (State Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development) Complex and Construction of Hostel at SIPARD, Agartala, Tripuran.Rural Development03-05-202118-05-2021download
13PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: PNie-T No: 08/EE/DWS/AGT-11/2021-22PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)04-05-202124-05-2021download
14PRESS NOTICE INVITING c-TENDER NO: 06/NicT/ EE-KLP /PWD (DWSJJ2021 -2LPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)04-05-202120-05-2021download
15PRESS NOTICE INVITING c-TENDER NO: 04/NicT/ EE-KLP /PWD (DWSJJ2021 -2LPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)04-05-202120-05-2021download
16PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: PNie-T No. 22/ EE/ DWS/ DMN/ 2021-22PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)04-05-202131-05-2021download
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