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Sl No.Description / TitleDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender regarding construction of state data centre in Tripura under National Hydrology project at water resources complex. Dated 4th October, 2020PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)07-11-202011-12-2020download
2Tender regarding construction of dormitory with kitchen cum store, toilet cum bathroom. Dated 4th October, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)11-11-202020-12-2020download
3 Tender regarding maintenance of different PWD road at various place. Dated 9th November, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)11-11-202001-12-2020download
4Tender regarding up gradation & strengthening of ANM school at Durjoynagar. Dated 5th November, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)11-11-202007-12-2020download
5Tender regarding construction of 1000 MT Capacity food godown including Guard room at Santirbazar. Dated 10th November, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-11-202030-11-2020download
6 Tender regarding water supply scheme under JJm and sinking of small bore at different place. Dated 10th November, 2020PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)14-11-202008-12-2020download
7Tender regarding construction of srama abhaban at the back sid of old secretariat building. Dated 11th November, 2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-11-202027-11-2020download
8Tender regarding construction for creation of barrier free environment in 14 State Government buildings. Dated 11th November, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-11-202002-12-2020download
9Tender for Drilling & Development of 10(ten) Nos. Deep Tube Wells at different places of Dhalai District.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)20-11-202003-12-2020download
10Press notice inviting e-Tnder No-09/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2020-21, dated 13-11-2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-11-202009-12-2020download
11 Tender for Maintenance of Press Meet Conference Room at 5th Floor of U.D. Bhavan with Attached Toilet.Urban Development20-11-202004-12-2020download
12Tender for improving Earthquake Resiliency of Masonry Lifetime(ERML) building in Tripura under Pilot Project at various location.Urban Development20-11-202017-12-2020download
13Construction of drain at East Daluchara GP, in Salema R.D. Block under National Rurban Mission.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-11-202012-12-2020download
14Tender for various construction work under DWS vide no:28/EE/DWS/DMN/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)20-11-202027-11-2020download
15Tender for various construction work under DWS vide no:29/EE/DWS/DMN/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)20-11-202003-12-2020download
16Tender for various construction work under DWS vide no:27/EE/DWS/DMN/2020-21PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)20-11-202027-11-2020download
17Tender for different coverage component under JJM scheme during the year 2020-21/ construction of different nos Small Bore Deep Tube Well within different jurisdiction of DWS Division Kalyanpur, Khowai.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)21-11-202007-12-2020download
18Tender for replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge(L=20.00m) over local cherra on Jatanbari to Labmacherra road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-11-202023-12-2020download
19Tender for various construction work vide PRESS NleT. NO. 31 /EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2020-21 under DWS, Udaaipur DistrictPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)21-11-202007-12-2020download
20Tender for various construction work vide PRESS NleT. NO. 30/EE/DWS/DIVN/UDP/2020ยท21 under DWS, Udaaipur DistrictPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)21-11-202007-12-2020download
21PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER No. 12 /PNieT /EE/WRD-VII/PTL/2020-21 , dt 17-11-2020 under DWS, Pecharthal, WR Div-VIIPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)21-11-202008-12-2020download
22Tender for various improvement of road under SHYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJI RURBAN MISSION At Killa Cluster during the year 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-11-202002-12-2020download
23PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER No. 13 /PNIeT/EE/WRD-VII/PTL/2020-21, dated 19-11-2020PWD (Water Resources)22-11-202008-12-2020download
24Tender for Sinking of 18 nos small bore tube well at different places under Water Supply Scheme.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)25-11-202008-12-2020download
25Replacement of Cable Suspension Replacement of Cable Suspension over river Manu at Jalai Village near Jalai Bazar sanctioned for implementation under NABARDPWD (Roads and Buildings)25-11-202001-01-2021download
26Improvement of road from Kailashahar-Rangauti road to Barband (L=I .OOKm)(portion : 0.00 Km. to 0.650 Km) during the year 2020-21PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-11-202030-11-2020download
27Construction of RCC bridge (Length=36m) over river Thakura Cherra on Gandacherra-Raishyabari road at Ch.7.50km, sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX), Job No.TP/COM/37/2014-15. ( 2nd Call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-11-202023-12-2020download
28PRESS NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO: PNie-T- 22/EE/RD/BSGD/SPJ/2020-21/ 4899 . dt. 23 .11 .2020PWD (Roads and Buildings)26-11-202008-12-2020download
29Water supply schemes / Triputa I Drilling & Development of 15 (fifteen) Nos. Deep Tube Wells with Contractor's direct rotary driJling rig and other machineries & equipments including providing of ER W pipes, Pea-gravels etc. in different locations of West District/Khowai District/ Sipahijala District of Tripura State under Rig Sub-Division No.-1PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)26-11-202023-12-2020download
30PRESS NOTICE INVITING c TENDER No:- 1:3/ EO/TRRDA/ 2020-21 date: 20/11/2020PWD(PMGSY)26-11-202010-12-2020download
31Corrigendum for " Maintenance Of Press Meet Conference room at 5th Floor Of U.D Bhawan with Attached Toilet" Vide DNIT No. 14/EE-IV/EW/UOD/2020-21. and NIT No.F.4(4)-UOD/EW/(S-XIII)/6869-81 Dt. 07.11 .2020.Urban Development25-11-202012-12-2020download
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