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Sl No.Description / TitleDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 22/EE/KiSD/2022-23 dated05.09.2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-09-202204-10-2022download
1NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) PNleT No.: 14/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2022-23 PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-09-202204-10-2022download
1INVITING TENDER (NIT) NO: 12/EE/Divn.IIl/PWD(R&B)/2022-23PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-09-202203-10-2022download
1NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: PNIe-T No. 19/EE/DWS/DMN/2022-23PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)08-09-202203-10-2022download
1PNIT’No. F. 24/EE/PWD(R&B)/KHW/ 2022-23PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-09-202204-10-2022download
1INVITING e-TENDER NO: 20/EE/PWD(R&B)/AMB/2022-23 Dated 03-09--2022 PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-09-202205-10-2022download
1INVITING e-TENDER NO: 23/EE/KLSD/2022-23 dated 09.09.2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)12-09-202205-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO, O7/EE/LTV/PWD/M/2022-23 Dated. 06/09/2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-09-202205-10-2022download
1PNleT No:- 24/EE/MNP/PWD(R&B)/2022-23PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-09-202203-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 18/PNIeT/EE/PWD/SBM/DIV/2022-23 Dated- 08-09-2022.PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-09-202202-10-2022download
1PNlieT No.: 16/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2022-23,PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-09-202202-10-2022download
1NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) ' PNIeT No.: 17/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2022-23, Dated. 09.09.2022 The Executive Engineer, PWD(R&B), Udaipur Division, on behalf of the ‘Governor of Tripura’, invites online percentage rate e- tenderfor the following works: a 1. Maintenance of road from Udaipur Town road to Brahamabari / S.H.: Construction of R.C.C. drain from Ch 0.420 Km to 0.900 Km during the year 2022-2023, E/ Cost: € 48,38,356.00, E/Money: € 96,767.00, Time : 91 days. DNleT No: 77/NIT/SE-II/R/2022-23 2. Maintenance of road from the house of Maran Das to Udaipur -Melaghar road at Bhangar Par under UMC ward No.:-17/ SH:- WBM-3, Grouting , Carpeting , Tack Coat , Seal coat and road side protection with drain works etc. during the year 2022-23. El Cost: % 36,98,855.43, = E/Money: & 73,977.00, Time : 120 days. DNleT No: 78/NIT/SE-III/R/2022-23 3. Mtc. of road from Mirza to Tarpadum (Ch. 1.10 km to Ch. 2.44 Km), Mirza to Mirza -Samukchera road (L=0.45Km ), Mirza Tulamura road( Mirza bazar) to Mirza tulamura road (L=0.85km) and Kakraban-Dhuptali to Krishi Bighyan Kendra, Mirza (L=0<#70 Km ) within Section -IV under Kakraban PWD Sub-Division /SH:: WBM, Pot holes, Carpeting and seal coat etc. under Kakraban R.D Block during thie year 2022-23 E/ Cost: ¥38,87,386.00, E/Money: €77,748.00, Time : 181 days. DNleT No: 84/NIT/SE-IIUR/2022-23 4. Mtc. of road from Tulamuar Mirza road to jamatiapara via Tarpadhum within Section -IV.under Kakraban PWD Sub-Division ISH:- WBM, Pot holes, Carpeting and seal coat etc. under Kakraban R.D Block during the year 2022-23 E/ Cost: €34,37,873.00, E/Money: %68,757.00, Time: 181 days. DNleT No: BSINITISE-IIUR/2022-23 Bid Fee of Rs. 1000.00 only (Non Refundable) . Last Date & Time for Document Downloading & bidding - 29-09-2022 up to 15.00Hrs The Time & Date of opening of bids — 39,09,2022 at 11.00 Hrs. if possible For more details kindly visit: https:/itripuratenders.gov.in oh 9-22 a ( $t Bec: Execttive Engineer PWD(R&B), Udaipur Division Gomati District, Tripura. “ah Contd Page - 02 PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-09-202203-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTIGE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 19/EE(PWD)BLN/2022-23PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-09-202202-10-2022download
1 PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 20/EE(PWD)/BLN/2022-23 DATED, 12-09-2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)23-09-202202-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 24/EE/KLSD/2022-23 dated 19.09.2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)26-09-202203-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: _17/EE/SNM/PWD/2022-23, Dt: 22/09/2022.PWD (Roads and Buildings)26-09-202202-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 21/EE(PWD)/BLN/2022-23 DATED, 21-09-2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)27-09-202202-10-2022download
1PRESS NOTICE INVITING e-TENDER NO: 16/EE/KD/2022-23 Date: 27.09.2022PWD (Roads and Buildings)29-09-202202-10-2022download
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