KLO, PDCK and NLFT again warn hindi speaking and Bengali people to quit Karbi Longri, Kamatapur and Tripura by March 31

by Hemanta Kumar Nath

Guwahati , Jan 17, 2017 : The newly floated militant group People’s Democratic Council of Karbi Longri (PDCK), Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) and National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) again warned hindi speaking and Bengali people to quit Karbi Longri, Kamatapur and Tripura by March 31 next.In an joint statement sent to the media by the three militant group said that, to defend Kamatapur, Karbi Longri and Twipra (Tripura) and the people, their fight is for national existence and self-defense.“We, in the KLO, PDCK, NLFT, once again warn the Bengalis and other hindi speaking people to quit Kamatapur, Karbi Longri and Twipra by March 31, 2017,” said in the joint statement.“Otherwise, they have to face the gravest of the grave situation,” the outfit groups said in the statement.

In the statement signed by the KLO chairman Jiban Singh Koch, the PDCK chairman IK Songbijit alias JK Lijang and the NLFT organizing secretary Sengphui Borok said that, the present Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal is a liar and a multifaceted but a weak leader.“He is not able to do anything good except lying, indulging in ridiculous commitments and delivering false promises to his own people. He had promises the people of Assam that his organization would drive out the illegal Bangladeshis when he was in the leadership of AASU. But now he supports wholeheartedly the conspiracy to rehabilitate the hindu Bangladeshis in Assam to satisfy the central government leaders. He should respect those nine hundred martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for the cause of saving Assam from immigrants and migrants,” said in the statement.

Terming Assam CM Sonowal as staunchest supporter of the hindu Bangladeshi, the three outfit group said that, the Assam CM has become the staunchest supporter of the hindu Bangladeshi rehabilitation slogan ‘Hindu Hindu Bhai Bhai’.The outfit group said in the statement that, the Karbi people did not have any political relation with India before 1949.“It is the British and not India that invaded Karbi country and annexed it into the then British empire. It is a historical accident and a mistake that, Karbi Kingdom swallowed in by the Indian union. Nowadays, colonialist Government of India continues to pursue a dishonest policy to suppress the Karbi and Dimasa people. They know very well that the strong identity of Dimasa and Karbi people cannot be destroyed easily and consequently, keeping them under Indian administration for long will not be easy too. So, India has been adopting one crooked policy after another to vaporize the strong identity of Dimasa and Karbi people.

They have adopted the semi-violent policy of demographic aggression, the violent policy of physical killing and manipulative policy of creating social disharmony amongest indigenous people. For example, during the leadership of Indira Gandhi in 1967-71, many thousands of Bangladeshi Bengali refugees were rehabilitated in Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao and in addition to it, thousands of hindi speaking people from mainland India were brought in to make our people a helpless minority,” said in the statement.The KLO, PDCK and NLFT accusing the present BJP led government that, the government also trying to rehabilitate hindu Bangladeshis in Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao to make the people weaker and more insignificant. “Nowadays, the Dimasa and Karbi people have been victims of exploitation in every aspect of life in the hands of those outsiders. Government of India is solely responsible for killing more than ten thousand freedom loving people of Dimasa and Karbi communities. Communal riots have been engineered many times in all possible one-on-one combinations like Dimasa-vs-Karbi, Dimasa-vs-Hmar, Dimasa-vs-Naga, Karbi-vs-Kuki, Karbi-vs-Naga, Kuki-vs-Naga etc.,” said in the joint statement.

On the other hand, the outfit groups claimed that, Pragjyotishpur, Kamrup and Kamatapur (Koch-Behar) were never parts of India till the August 28, 1949.The outfit groups said that, the indigenous people of Tripura launched a peaceful mass movement recently on August 23, 2016 in support of their endeavor to safeguard their land and identity.“When a peaceful, democratic and non-violent mass movement was going on, the hindu Bengali refugees tortured, abused, raped, killed the innocent indigenous Borok civilians and even put innocent children to death. The heinous crimes were perpetrated in a city street in broad day light, but the government kept pin drop silence. All these incidents were pre-planned and meticulously organized by the Bengali refugee Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, who instigated the police, TSR and gangs of young hindu Bengali refugee goons to assault the innocent indigenous Borok civilan with bludgeons,” said in the joint statement.