Assam police found hoisted Pakistani and ISIS flags from Brahmaputra Char

By Our Correspondent

Guwahati , Jan 09, 2017 : Assam’s Dibrugarh police on Sunday had found two Pakistani flags and an ISIS flag from a sandber island (Char) of Brahmaputra river in the upper Assam district hoisted in front of a house.Police found the Pakistani flags from Amargori Chapori.Following the incident, local people said that, suspected jehadis took shelter at the Char areas and trying to establish their camps.

On the other hand Dibrugarh police said that, some miscreants had tried to disturb the peaceful environment prevailing in the society by hoisting the flags.“We have been taken up the incident seriously and identified two suspected persons who involved with it,” a top police official said.

Assam becomes a hot spot of jehadi activities following dozens of jehadis arrested by security forces in past two years. According to Assam police data, at least 28 jehadis of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) including four top leaders were arrested from different parts of the state in past two years. Recently, the Bengal police had arrested six JMB activists from Barak Valley of Assam and some parts of West Bengal.