CPI-M students’ body opposes Centre’s ‘Agnipath’ scheme
By Our Correspondent, 20/06/2022, Agartala

The students; body of the opposition CPI-M party – SFI, TSU, DYFI and TYF opposed the recently announced ‘Agnipath’ scheme of the Central government for armed forces.

The body organised a protest rally on Monday, which moved across the state capital town of Agartala. The DYFI state secretary Nabarun Deb who led the rally along with others said that this scheme, to save pension money, severely compromises the quality and efficiency of our professional armed forces.

He said that instead of recruiting regular soldiers into the armed forces this scheme leaves such contract soldiers with no other prospects of employment after their four years.

“By this Agnipath scheme, the BJP leaders are trying to deploy the Agniveers as their personal guard. The government is trying to bring this scheme to push the country’s security towards dangerous situations,” he alleged.

The students’ body of the CPI-M party on Monday called for a united fight against the scheme and to force the government scrap the scheme for the interest of the youths of the state.