SVAMITVA: PM Modi hails scheme to empower rural India digitally
By Our Correspondent, 24/04/2022, New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that SVAMITVA scheme is a new mantra for development and improving trust in the villages with the help of modern technology. In a tweet, Mr Modi said, at the core of our good governance efforts in India’s villages is to leverage the power of technology for the welfare of people.

SVAMITVA scheme is transforming the lives in rural India and helping them become Aatma Nirbhar. Remarkable progress has been made in ensuring the rights of the poor are protected by reducing property disputes. More than 42 lakh property cards have been distributed in nearly 32 thousand villages under the scheme. The government is turning the land into a financial asset using modern technologies like drones. SVAMITVA Scheme is a significant step towards digitalising land ownership at the grassroots, transforming rural India.