MLA Sudip Roy Barman fuelling oppositions ahead of the poll: BJP
By Our Correspondent, 23/11/2021, Agartala

Soon after the dissident BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman had expressed concern over the political turmoil and stated that the party’s ‘paratrooper’ and ‘childish’ leaderships are fuelling attacks and worst situation just ahead of the poll, the BJP party had termed this as an ‘anti-party’ remarks and is likely to action against the MLA. BJP spokesperson Subrata Chakraborty on Tuesday evening held a press conference and expressed concern over the remarks of the BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman and said, “Being in the party, the MLAs are simply helping the oppositions to gain political mileage ahead of the poll.”

“Soon after the press conference of the party MLAs had ended, the TMC leaderships from Bengal had extended support to the remarks and statements of those MLAs. It is clear from the fact that the MLAs who called themselves as responsible Karyakartas are simply helping the opposition to gain political advantage,” Chakraborty said. He felt that the press conference by the MLAs was done to hatch a conspiracy against their own party ahead of the poll. Meanwhile, on being asked Chakraborty  had hinted of taking action against the dissident MLAs for anti-party activities and said, “Earlier also we had taken some harsh decisions against our party workers and leaders. So we shall take such a decision against the anti-party activists in due course of time.”

BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman also the former health minister of the BJP-IPFT coalition government held a press conference on Tuesday morning and said, “The paratroops and childish leaderships of the party are unable to identify the main political rivalry of the BJP in Tripura and hence violence and attacks are being instigated across the state.” Soon after the press conference had ended, the TMC leader Kunal Ghosh had come up extending support to the BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman and his statements against the party of the BJP. Kunal Ghosh said, “If such a heavy weight MLA of the BJP party speaks  against his own party then one can easily understand the situation of the party ruling the state of Tripura.”