CCNCI terms 'growing influx of Chakma community' as baseless
By Our Correspondent, 26/07/2021, Agartala

The Chakma Council National Council of India (CCNCI) on Monday sought an apology from the former chief minister Manik Sarjar over branding the people of Chakma community in the state as ‘Bangladeshi’.

The President of the CCNCI Aniruddha Chakma in a press conference today said, “We have been recognized as Praja from the time of royal regime. We are a part of this Tripura from time immemorial.”

“There has been some baseless allegation of growing influx of Chakma community including some with arms. The growth of our population is seen considering the census reports which perhaps is completely scientific", said Chakma.

According to him, the Chakma population in Tripura was 4,510 in the 1901 census, in the 2001 census this population rose up to 64,293 and as per the last census held in the year 2011, the Chakma population in Tripura stood at 79,813.

However, earlier this month the apex body of Tiprasa societies, that consists of majority of tribal communities, under the banner Council of Tiprasa Hoda, in a letter addressed to Amit Shah, Home Minister of government of India, said that, “due to incessant flow of Bangladeshi nationals, mostly Chakma community, through illegal routes and the facts shall be established by the census figures of Gandacherra in 2001 and 2011.”