Lok Sabha adjourned till 2 PM; Rajya Sabha till 1 PM
By Our Correspondent, 20/07/2021, New Delhi

Both the houses of Parliament witnessed stormy scene on the second consecutive day of the Monsoon Session today over various issues including Pegasus snooping. The Lok Sabha has been adjourned till 2 P.M. while the Rajya Sabha till 1 P.M. When the Lok Sabha met this morning, members from Congress, TMC, DMK and others trooped into the well, raising the issue related to alleged snooping of political leaders and others. The Opposition members had given adjournment motions on the alleged snooping and other issues. YSR Congress members were also on their feet against the privatization of Visakhapatnam steel plant. As the noisy scene continued, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla adjourned the House till 2 P.M.

In the Rajya Sabha, when the house met after first adjournment at 12 noon, members from Congress, TMC, DMK and others again pressed their adjournment motions over Pegasus snooping and other issues and trooped into the well. RJD, Shiv Sena, Left and other Opposition members were also on their feet. YSR Congress members were demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh.

Amid pandemonium, Deputy Chairman Harivansh said, there is an agreement between Government and Opposition to take up discussion COVID-19 situation at 1 P.M.  He repeatedly asked for order in the house but in vain. Later, the house was adjourned till 1 P.M.

Earlier in the morning, Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu disallowed the motions saying there were 17 adjournment motions yesterday and today 15 such motions have been given. He wondered how the chair can allow them at the same time.  Congress leader Anand Sharma said, the matter is related to national security and it should be allowed to raise in the house.  Congress, TMC, DMK and others came into the well which forced the adjournment of the house till noon.