Mid-day Meal Workers in Tripura cries for pay hike
By Our Correspondent, 19/07/2021, Agartala

The Mid-day Meal Workers in Tripura demanded for pay hike and urged upomn the BJP-led coalition government tin Tripura to take cue from  the state of Kerala. In line with the nationwide protest called by the Mid Day Meal Workers' Federation of India, the mid day meal workers in Tripura today showed protest against the BJP government's negligence role towards the welfare of the workers.

Based on seven points charter of demands including hiking of salary with a minimum wage of Rs. 500 per day, vaccination of all mid-day meal workers on priority basis and others, the women workers today showed the protest here at Agartala Office Lane area.

“Like that of Kerala government, the BJP government in Tripura should hike the salary of Mid day meal workers from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 500 per day. As we all know that the mid day meal workers are generally considered to be the most economically-deprived section of a society. In that case government should play a positive role towards hiking our salary especially amid this COVID pandemic," the workers voiced today.

Meanwhile, they alleged that the BJP government in Tripura has snatched the food of mid day meal workers who are considered to be a weaker section of a society. "Since after assuming power the BJP government has sacked at least 400 mid day meal workers which is like that of snatching food from a poor workers like us," workers added.

The workers' movement today however also demanded the government for provision of free 10 kg of food grains per month for the mid-day meal workers, to stop the transfer of cost of cooking (mid-day meal scheme) to children through direct benefit transfer, to stop privatization of Mid-day Meal Scheme.