Thousands of people protest against Cuba's communist govt in Havana
By Our Correspondent, 12/07/2021, Havana

Thousands of people have protested against Cuba's communist government in the capital Havana and several other cities, in the biggest demonstrations on the island in almost 30 years.

Marchers were seen calling for freedom, democracy and demanding vaccines to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The demonstrations, which are rare in Cuba, come as the country reports a record number of Covid infections.

Supporters of the government also rallied in Havana.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel blaming the US for the unrest called upon revolutionaries of the country and communists, to go out in the streets where provocations occurring.

He asked to face the demonstrators in a decisive, firm and courageous way.

Meanwhile, Julie Chung, the top US diplomat for Latin America, tweeted that US is deeply concerned by calls to combat in Cuba.

He said US stands by the Cuban people's right for peaceful assembly and called for calm and condemning any violence.