PM urges militants outfit to shun violence in Assam
By Our Correspondent, 03/04/2021, Web Desk

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged militants outfit to shun violence and to contribute in making Aatma Nirbhar Assam. He said that the NDA government is working towards bringing permanent peace in the state and the result has been seen at Bodoland Territorial Region during the last 1 and half years and appealed the militants who are still out of peace purview to return mainstream.

 Addressing an election rally at Tamulpur today, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that the Congress rule in Assam witnessed violence, bomb and uses of arms.  He also mentioned that the government is working to implement the Assam Accord. PM also said that people of state are with development, stability, peace and brotherhood now and people would not support violence, instability anymore.

In his last poll meeting in Assam PM said that NDA government is committed for the all-around development of the all sections of people. The Prime Minister said that his government never discriminated to anyone or any region. He also promised to intensify development works in the state once the election process is over.