MoEF gives nod to 363 MW 3rd unit of ONGC Tripura Power Company in South Tripura
By Our Correspondent, 02/04/2021, Agartala

With the nod of Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) to the 363 Mega Watt (MW) third unit of ONGC Tripura Power Company (OTPC) – biggest Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) power project at Palatana in South Tripura, the company is in the process of catering the major electricity need of Northeast region of the country.

OTPC is currently in discussion with the ONGC Tripura Asset seeking over the gas supply required for the company at least for the next 25 years. Managing Director of OTPC S C Namboodiripad told media that the proposed third unit of OTPC will require 1.5 million metric standard cubic metre gas per day. ONGC is currently providing gas to existing two units from their available sources.

Namboodiripad pointed out that if ONGC goes for new well drilling for supplying gas to proposed unit; OTPC has to calculate the cost of production and whether it will be viable down the line. As of now, per unit production cost of power ranges between Rs 3.25 – 3.50 but if cost of gas increases, automatically production cost of electricity will be high and OTPC has to evaluate the business prospect from new generations, Namboodiripad told media.

Because of low-priced, even after Covid pandemic, OTPC is able to secure its profit like earlier years in last fiscal. In 2020-21, OTPC has achieved a milestone by producing 80 per cent it’s total generation capacity and cater 30 percent of the total power demand of Northeast in last year and revenue earnings was also intact despite odd due to Covid,” he stated, adding that OTPC has made Tripura one of the power surplus state in last five years and also helped economic growth of Northeast.