‘Shameless Prime Minister’: Ex-CM Manik Sarkar
By Our Correspondent, 12/03/2021, Agartala

Two days after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled series of infrastructure projects in Tripura and praised the performance of BJP led coalition government on the occasion of 3 years completion of the government, the former chief minister of the then Left front government Manik Sarkar has called PM Modi ‘shameless’ and alleged, “Shameless PM Modi has simply misled the people of Tripura over development prospect in the state.”

“As was claimed that the promised 7th Central Pay Commission is already given to the employees here, PM Modi has lied claiming this whereas the fact is the BJP government has provided the left out .32% of the 7th CPC under the fitment formula and that too was not equally distributed among the employees here,” adding to this Sarkar said, “How could the Prime Minister lie on this and misled the employees here?”

Meanwhile, Sarkar also took a dig on PM Modi today and said, “PM Modi has also misled the people of the state by providing false data over MGNREGA wages where he said during the Left era the wage was only Rs. 150 whereas the fact is the Rega wage was Rs. 177 at its latest figure during the Left era.” “It is also shocked to hear from PM Modi that the state was reeling under power crisis during the Left era whereas the fact is during the Left era Tripura was power surplus state with the unveiling of 2 giant plant of Palatana project,” Sarkar told media. Manik Sarkar however dumped the speech of PM Modi and said, “People now no more call it a double-engine government rather they call it as trouble-engine government.”