‘Brus sustaining problem created by Left front govt.’ – alleges Dy. CM
By Our Correspondent, 19/11/2020, Agartala

Soon after the opposition CPI(M) party held the centre and BJP-led coalition government in Tripura responsible for ongoing tension along Tripura-Mizoram border at Kanchanpur over settlement of ‘Brus’, the Deputy Chief Minister of Tripura Jishnu Dev Veram on Thursday slammed the then Left front government and alleged, “It did not have the courage to solve the Bru problem.”

“The problem was created by the then Left front government and is now sustained by the Brus,” alleging this Jishnu said, “One has to understand the problem of Brus and not that we call them refugee despite they being an Indian citizen.” Meanwhile on being asked Jushnu said, “Our government jointly with the centre was committed to end all speculations and solve the long pending Bru problem here in our state. And now that we are on our process of early settlement of this Brus at Kanchanpur, ssome section including the previous Left front government is opposing this.”

He said, “We already had a discussion with the group of Brus and joint movement committee at Kanchanpur and our government is committed to work on discussion and not by creating problem.” A joint movement committee of 'Nagarik Suraksha Manch' and Jampui Mizo Convention (JMC) over the past four days is observing strike at Kanchanpur triggering tension as a protest against the state government's decision to rehabilitate thousands of Brus in the state of Tripura, who had fled from Mizoram 23 years ago following ethnic violence.