CITU-AIKS-AIAWU-GMP shos protest against atrocities on Dalits
By Our Correspondent, 13/10/2020, Agartala

A joint union of the opposition CPI-M including CITU, All Indian Kissan Sabha (AIKS), All India Agricultural Workers Union (AIAWU) and Gama Mukti Parishad (GMP) on Tuesday showed protest against the alleged atrocities on Dalits and crimes against women in Tripura.

The CITU state president also the ex-minister of Tripura  Manik Dey who lead the protest rally here at Agartala today alleged, “Attrocities on Dalits in India and crimes against women in Tripura has gone high under the rule of BJP government both at the centre and state.”

“The women across the country are made victims of atrocities and rape like incidents,” alleging this Dey said, “Under the rule of this BJP government in both the state and centre women and Dalits are unable to come out of their house out of fear and the accused are spared without justice being given to the victims.”

Meanwhile, Dey has also hit out at the Uttar Pradesh government stating that the burial of the gang-rape victim in Hathras without her family's consent was a "blatant denial of justice". He said the "barbaric caste based rape" is "reflective of the utter lawlessness" in the northern state. "This under the BJP government and the patronage given to casteist and reactionary forces leading to a big increase in crimes against Dalits and women," he said.