PM Modi to launch ‘Jan Andolan’ campaign ahead of festive season
By Our Correspondent, 07/10/2020, New Delhi

In view of the upcoming festivals, winter season and re-opening of the economy and businesses Prime Minister Narednra Modi will launch a ‘Jan Andolan’ campaign for COVID appropriate behavior on Thursday by way of a tweet, a release issued by the Press Information Bureau said.

The campaign will be launched with the aim to encourage people’s participation (Jan Andolan) and it endeavors to be a low-cost high-intensity campaign with the key message of ‘wear mask, follow physical distancing, and maintain hand hygiene’.

According o the statement in the release, a COVID-19 pledge will be taken by all and a concerted action plan will be implemented by central government ministries, departments, state governments and Union Territories.

The highlights of the campaign include region-specific targeted communication in high case-load districts, simple and easily understandable messages to reach every citizen, dissemination throughout the country using all media platforms, banners and posters at public places involving frontline workers, and targeting beneficiaries of government schemes.

The campaign also involves putting up of hoardings, wall paintings, electronic display boards in government premises, involvement of local and national influencers to drive home the message, running mobile vans for regular awareness generation, audio messages, pamphlets and brochures for awareness. It would also involve seeking support of local cable operators for running COVID messages and coordinated media campaign across platforms for effective outreach and impact.