Former health minister’s late-night COVID hospital visit – ‘a conspiracy’: MP Pratima Bhoumik
By Our Correspondent, 12/09/2020, Agartala

The former health minister also the BJP MLA – Sudip Roy Barman’s late-night visit to the state’s dedicated COVID hospital at GB Pant has triggered panic among section of doctors and medical staff and perhaps has lead MP Partima Bhoumik call it a ‘conspiracy’ to damage the image of government.

Expressing concern over the visit of Sudip Roy Barman at GB Pant hospital, MP Pratima Bhoumik told, “A committee has been constituted to enquire the visit of Sudip Roy Barman who also let an outsider enter the hospital’s sensitive room like oxygen supply chamber in the name of fixing oxygen supply for patients.”

“The MLA accompanied by an outsider and so called bio-chemical engineer has illegally entered the room to pull down the lever and stop oxygen supply for the patients in the name of zero oxygen supply,” alleging this Bhoumik said, “The oxygen supply was smooth and there were no technical glitches from the supply chamber. A conspiracy was done yesterday night to damage government functioning and that too amid this pandemic.”

Meantime, she alleged that the staff who were on duty inside the oxygen supply chamber on Friday night were threatened to move out of the room and ease the entry of outsiders.However, reacting sharp on this she said, “I also urge upon the government to enquire the illegal entry of former health minister.”

Former health minister Sudip Roy Barman during his visit to the hospital on Friday night has said, “I got a phone-call from some doctors in the hospital at around 1:30 AM where they complained that the oxygen supply is stopped suddenly. I rushed to the hospital along with a bio-chemical engineer Ratul Dey and entered the chamber to restore the oxygen supply.”He said, “The oxygen supply has come down to zero which perhaps has stopped the oxygen supply. Moreover there was no staff inside the chamber when the supply was stopped.”