Ex-BJP leader in Tripura wants full-time health minister to restore ‘unscientific health policy’
By Our Correspondent, 28/07/2020, Agartala

The former BJP leader also an ex-MLA Subal Bhowmik took on the BJP led coalition government in Tripura and claimed that the health policy of the government in this COVID-19 pandemic situation went unscientific leading the state towards danger with the increasing number of cases and death rate. He however demanded for a full-time health minister to have a close monitor of the corona cases in the state.

“In this pandemic the Tripura government should have one full-time health minister as the situation of COVID-19 is getting worst day by day,” adding to this Bhowmik on Tuesday evening told Tripuratoday.com, “While the Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb who also holds the health port folio along with other 32 ministries has failed to bring a control over the situation of pandemic in this state. The entire health policy of the state government has gone unscientific.”

He said, “Under the rule of Biplab Kumar Deb the real information related to COVID-19 are being suppressed following which the people of this state are unable to be aware of the real happenings in the state.” Meantime, Bhowmik today told, “Recently government has initiated an antigen test of COVID-19 which is absolutely unscientific as the medicos and the health workers inducted in the survey work do not have a minimum thermal kit to check temperatures. They simply check the ration cards and move away.” 

“There have been no preparations for the last 5 months since the pandemic triggered in the state, but only after several persuasion from the oppositions a dedicated COVID hospital is opened in AGMC,” adding to this he said, “The entire health infrastructure and policy for COVID-19 pandemic needs to be restored soon in view of the surging cases.”

He said, “While the ruling BJP-IPFT party is currently having 44 MLAs in the state assembly, so is there no body among them who are fit to sit in the health ministry?” The ex-MLA however urged upon the government to deploy one full-time health minister in the state’s cabinet to closely monitor the overall situation of this pandemic.