Footpath vendors in trouble with new rules
By Our Correspondent, 12/02/2020, Agartala

Fruiter Amit Datta(Name Changed) at his wit's end after shifting his vendor cart three times on Monday. Datta, who sells fruits in the city footpath, since last seven years and never faced such a situation earlier before. On his own words, now it is getting harder do business in Agartala footpaths and if the stringent laws imposed continue, many like him will be left out with no other option but to leave their business. Speaking to this publication, Datta said, “Stringent action pressed by the administration has started to wreak havoc on us.

Earlier, we have been entitled to do business at the place of our preference. Once the cart is stalled somewhere, there is nothing worry about for the whole day. But, unfortunately the liberty has gone now”. Accusing the administration and the traffic police of being hard on the vendors, he said, the vendors are not only being forced to shift their carts every now and then even sometimes more than once a day. The system has turned very hard to tolerate nowadays, he charged. One of the other vendor of the same old RMS chowmuhani also echoed the same.

 “The system is getting very vigorous. We pay Rs 500 flat every quarter to get access of doing business in the streets. Now, if we are being forced to shift every now and then many of our regular customers get missed daily” he claimed. However, an official of the municipal corporation said, there is nothing wrong in thinking them. In their agreement it has been mentioned that they have to shift their outlet on cart for better functioning of traffic system and other urban affairs. There is no point of accusing the administration, he claimed. The vendors on the other hand argued that the strict actions were resulting in huge loss to the vendors across city.