AAP’s Delhi victory: Former CM in Tripura attacks BJP, says NRC, NPR, CAA fumed nation
By Our Correspondent, 12/02/2020, Agartala

The former Chief Minister of Tripura also the opposition leader Manik Sarkar reacted sharp against the ruling BJP government at the centre to endorse the Aam Admi Party (AAP) and its poll victory in Delhi. He said, “In the last five years the BJP has actively engaged in sharpening communal polarisation. It has sought to subvert the secular and democratic essence of the Constitution.”

“It is not the fact that free ride for women, free power supply, quality education better health infrastructure has lead the AAP to sweep the Delhi poll , but it is the BJP who has ead it to happen where people of Delhi who were fumed with the BJP’s anti-constitutional acts during the last five years responded hard to this in the Delhi poll,” Mr. Sarkar said.

He said, “This is also the fact that the Delhi assembly poll was the outcome of the BJP government 7th budget tabled recently in the parliament which perhaps has yet again irked the general public as the budget is for the corporate ad other such section.”