TTAADC presents Rs 1059 crore budget
By Our Correspondent, 11/02/2020, Agartala

Chief executive member Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council Radhacharan Debbarma today tabled a budget of Rs 1059 crore 49 lakh 33 thousand for Financial Year 20-21 on the beginning day of the two day long budget session. The budget has been increased by 10 percent keeping parity with the economic conditions, Debbarma said is his budget speech.

Last year, a Rs 97748.58 crore budget was approved by the council. In the proposed budget, Rs 20704.29 lakh and Rs 7616.90 have been earmarked for MGNREGA and Sarba Siksha Abhiyan scheme. Placing the budget proposals, CEM said, Rs 258 lakhs has been placed in revenue generation and market licensing, Rs 434 lakh as interest and Rs 375 has been kept in others.

Apart from this, Rs 29594.94 lakh has been kept for planned expenditure, Rs 15730 lakh in share of tax, Rs 33155.21  lakh in transfer funds, Rs 14160.05 lakh in 14th Finance commission grant (excluding area grant) and Rs 12242.13 lakh has been allocated for NITI Ayog/15th Finance Commission grants, he added.

Addressing the house after tabling the budget, he said, the budget has been made in view of overall development of the TTAADC area. “Under Housing scheme Nukhung Hamari, a project has been under taken to develop Pucca houses at 5 zonal areas especially for the people living in Tong houses(bamboo made tilt huts). And, 5 heritage villages will be designed in the same lines at 5 selected zonal areas depicting tribal culture and identity’ he said.

Each of the villages will display the unique tribal traditions of the dominant tribe of the region. Moreover, there will be plans to protect the essence of the communities that will be incorporated in the villages, Debbarma added. Speaking on the other notable proposals, he said, last year, 100 beneficiaries has been given auto rickshaws which will be increased upto 200 this year. Special initiatives will be undertaken to enhance productivity of the fertile land providing technical and financial assistance to the farmers.

“Right now, only 15 to 20 mans(local measurement unit) of paddy is produced per land unit. We want to augment the productivity upto 35 to 40 mans for better economic opportunities of the farmers. A special package proposal in this regard worth Rs 1157.55 crore will be also forwarded” Radhacharan told the house. Responding to a calling attention raised by MDC Gurupada Debbarma, Radhacharan said, a proposal for special package will be made for developing infrastructure such as residential complex for employees, hospital specifically equipped with better pediatric block etc.