Tripura CM takes on Mamata Banarjee in Bengal says, ‘Cadre, syndicate raj shall be vanished in 2021’
By Our Correspondent, 09/02/2020, Agartala

Former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura also the Chief Minister of BJP lead coalition government Biplab Kumar Deb Sunday felt that the Mamata Banarjee’s Trinamool Congress in West Bengal shall be ousted from power in 2021. He said, “Because Mamata Banarjee has adopted the policy of communist’s 34 years rule in West Bengal, Mamata Banarjee has to pay for it when her TMC will be vanished in the next general assembly election in Bengal in 2021.”

Biplab Deb was addressing a large gathering of party supporters and workers in a ‘Maha Sanmelan’ of the BJP party in his own constituency of Agartala Banamalipur.“The BJP will oust Mamata Banarjee’s TMC – a photocopy of the Communist Party in 2021 like that of how we brought a change of Left and Right in Tripura,” adding to this Mr. Deb said, “Adopting the policy of cadre raj policy of the communist party, Mamata Banarjee and her TMC has made a cocktail of the police adding to it a syndicate raj.”

He said, “Former BJP National President Amit Shah ji has slogged to oust and vanish the Communist and its Left rule in Tripura prior the 2018 assembly election and people voted for BJP party to bring a change. Now a time has come for the West Bengal where Amit Shaha has slogged to oust Mamata Banarjee and her ‘syndicate raj’ of politics and people will bring a change in Bengal in 2021 next.”

Meantime, Mr. Deb said, “Both the Left and Right (Congress) is the party for vote whereas the BJP is the party with difference to work for the people of this nation.” He took on the communist party in Tripura and said, “The BJP party is a party with difference and keeps no place for the opportunists like that of the Communist and its Left.”

“One has to work form within his or her own heart for the party an welfare of the people of this state to get a better place or position in the BJP party,” adding to this he said, “One need not count to his work and sacrifices for the party, but a capable and skilled shall be provided with every necessary opportunities.” Biplab Deb however said, “As long as I breath in this state and whoever be the next BJP chief ministers, the party will exist in Tripura.”