Smugglers along Indo-Bangla border in Tripura switches from Cannabis to Yaba tablets: BSF
By Our Correspondent, 28/11/2019, Agartala

The Border Security Force (BSF) deployed along the India-Bangladesh border in Tripura today said that the smugglers are currently switching from cannabis to Yaba tablets after the government and law enforcement agencies took stern action on cannabis last year. Addressing a press conference here at the frontier headquarter the Inspector General (IG), BSF Solomon Yash Kumar Minz said the seizure records show that smugglers are now focusing on Yabba tablets since these are easy to smuggle and hard to trace.

He said, "Tripura is made transit route to smuggle the contraband items like Yaba tablets which is dangerous chemical compound to Bangladesh." "This year we have seized 3.51 lakh Yaba tablets, which is estimated to have a market value of Rs. 17.57 crores," adding to this The IG said, "This year we have seized 8292 Kg ganja in Tripura with an approximate market value of Rs. 4.86 crores."

Meantime, the IG said, "We are keeping an eagle eye on the supply lines mainly and also on the cattle huts in the bordering areas of the state ensuring reduction of cattle smugglings." He said, "We have strengthened out drive against smuggling of contraband items to other parts." He said that the contraband items are not produced in Tripura but the state is being made the transit route to smuggle the items to Bangladesh.


However on being asked, the IG said, "The Sephaijala district of the state has come up as quite vulnerable and because of being unfenced the Srimantapur area is vulnerable also in cattle smuggling the Sout Bordering areas of the state can be termed as most vulnerable ."