Congress blames BJP over CAB, says 'CAB goes against Indian constitution'
By Our Correspondent, 05/11/2019, Agartala

Coming down heavily upon the BJP government at the centre today, the congress leader also the former minister of the UPA-II government at the centre Jairam Ramesh said, “The Citizenship Amendment Bill is anti-secular and it goes against the preamble of the Indian Constitution.” Ramesh said, “The Narendra Modi lead government at the centre is trying to introducing the bill by hook or crook which violates the Article 14 and Article 21 of the Indian constitution.”

Ramesh has arrived here in Tripura today along with his All India Congress Committee (AICC) colleagues to kick off the congress agitation against BJP government at the centre. Addressing a press conference this evening he said, “Our party stands against the introduction of CAB and we oppose it in principle and not for political mileage because it goes against the constitution of India.”

“On one hand Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is showing their devotion towards the ideology of constitution maker Dr. B R Ambedkar and on another hand they are trying to violate the constitutional rights of the citizens of India,” adding to this Ramesh said, “We oppose the CAB by tooth and nail.” He said, “We will continue opposing this bill in the coming winter session of the parliament and we will oppose it inside and outside the parliament.”