Sepahijala zoo likely to get “White Tiger”
By Our Correspondent, 05/08/2019, Agartala

If you are fascinated by the way a “White Tiger” dominates its territory and the swims with excellence, you had no other choice but to travel to Madhya Pradesh, Sundraban, Delhi or Assam. But, as per the new proposals made under the animal exchange programme runs in the Sepahijala zoo, you may have saved your travel expenditure and also catch up with your favorite animal of “big-cat” family roaring here in the state.

 “The proposals have been forwarded to Delhi zoo. If everything falls as desired, the Sepahijala zoo will get its first shipment of white tigers all the way from Delhi” said a highly placed source in posted in the Sepahijala zoo. The CZA—Central Zoo Authority is on their job to ascertain whether the climatic conditions are fitting for the extinct species of “Big-Cats” or not. Once we get the clearance from the authorities, the process of exchange will be initiated accordingly, sources in the state “Wild Life Board” informed this reporter.

Scientific studies show that Sepahizala zoo is one of the most exciting zoos of the country. Most of the animals found here in the Sepaahizala zoo and wildlife sanctuary are of South East Asian species. And, most importantly, the large-scale climatic changes did not affect the zoo’s animals yet if compared to other parts of the country. Most of the animals such as Black Bears, Emo bird, Lions and Lioness are living more than that of their average life-span.

Speaking to this newsperson, officials of the forest department posted there said, animal exchange and animal adoption programme has provided some ease. Since long, the no new animals were included in the zoo which, perhaps, considered being a reason of disinterest among the locals. These two programmes are helping the zoo to get new animals and attract people. In this regard, talks are on with Delhi zoo, Guwalior zoo and Nadan Kanan, Odisha, he added.

 As per the animal adoption prgramme, the source added, already five animals have been adopted. A python, a royal Bengal Tiger, a peacock and two clouded leopards were adopted so far. The sources also added that in last few years, new babies of many birds were also found which is good sign for the zoo. Last year two calves of lion were also born. Initiatives for installing new enclosures were also taken, sources said.