Gandhi family’s holiday row : Tarun Gogoi says it is a normal thing, not an issue
By Our Correspondent, 09/05/2019, Guwahati

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Gandhi family of using Navel warship INS Viraat as its ‘personal taxi’ for a holiday vacation when Rajiv Gandhi was at the helm, former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said that, everyone used government vehicle for holiday and it is a normal thing and it is not an issue. “First time I have seen that, taking holiday has become an issue. Vajpayee never used it,” Gogoi said.

Interacting with the media persons in Guwahati on Thursday, Tarun Gogoi questioned PM Modi – “Are they not using it? Somebody also using it, what is there? But, what about his contribution to the nation, martyrdom? You are talking about one side, Why you are not talking about other side? We also went sometimes for holiday with the government vehicles. Everybody goes it.”

“So, it is a normal thing, not a big thing,” Gogoi said.The former Assam CM said that – “That was a long time back maybe 30-40 years back. He does not have any other issue. Why he does not talk about unemployment, black money, price rise issues? Why he is not talking about the issues that the people of India have been facing?” “He does not talk about the problems, women safety. He should talk about the problems. He should talk what he promised and how many promises he has been able to fulfil. But the state is going back to 30-40 years back and everybody knows about Rajiv Gandhi’s contribution,” Gogoi said.