CPI-M in Tripura knocks SC over fresh poll in entire West LS seat
By Our Correspondent, 09/05/2019, Agartala

Unhappy with the declaration of Election Commission of India (ECI) in conducting fresh poll in a total of 168 polling booths in West Tripura parliamentary constituency, the opposition CPI-M party moved the Supreme Court of India demanding for re-poll in the entire West Lok Sabha Seat in the state in view of mass poll irregularities on April 11. Despite the fact that the polling is ending on May 19 and the fresh poll ordered by the ECI to be held on May 12 which is very near, the SC has directed to look into the matter later as it is not urgent,"

said Left front Chairman Bijan Dhar here on Thursday. Mr. Dhar said, "Just the CPI-M party viewed the order of ECI over re-polling in 168 polling booths, our West Tripura candidate Sankar Prasad Dutta on Wednesday filed writ petition with the SC demanding for fresh poll in the entire West seat for Lok Sabha." He also said, "Our demand has come up in view of massive poll irregularities took its height on April 11 as the state went for poll for its West constituency.

But as we apprised the ECI of this incidents in several occasions, we expected the ECI to order in line with the allegation." Dhar further alleged that over 50 per cent genuine voters of the constituency were not able to cast their votes due to widespread rigging and prevention of voters by the ruling BJP during poll day. Later interacting with the media this evening Mr. Dhar however said CPI-M's fight for fresh poll in the entire West LS seat shall continue until this is brought into practise by the ECI.