BJP seeks enquiry into state election commission's partial role
By Our Correspondent, 09/05/2019, Agartala

As almost all the opposition political parties in Tripura which demanded for re-poll following massive poll irregularities in West Tripura Parliamentary constituency, has welcomed the order of Election Commission Of India (ECI) in conducting re-poll to a total of 168 poling booths, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has sought enquiry into the 'biased' role of Tripura Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and his team.

"Neither we welcome the decision of ECI over re-poll, nor we oppose it. The BJP simply wants enquiry into the partial role of CEO and his team," said the BJP spokesperson N Bhattacharjee today. He alleged, "The CEO and team has played a biased role in conducting this LS election in Tripura and acted on behest of the opposition CPIM party." Mr. Bhattacharjee continued his line of allegation and said, "We also have probe on this which shows the CEO directed his team to work on behest of CPIM party."

"Just after the conclusion of West Poll the CEO made his stand declaring it as free and fare election, but aftermath of this the CEO has moved away from his statement and followed the CPIM's allegation of poll irregularities, which perhaps has brought re-poll in West," adding to this Mr. Bhattacharjee said, "This partial role of the CEO ahould be looked into and we seeks enquiry into this."

He further alleged, "The CEO and his team was supposed to monitor the CCTV footages covering entire election process during polling, but he didnot acted so, rather thr CEO acting on behest of the CPIM party tabled a report of poll irregularities with the ECI." Meantime, on being asked obout the re-poll been decalred by the ECI, he said, "Re-polling is simply a harrasment to the voters or other section of people of this state. So we don't welcome it."