Congress to form next government in centre : Tarun Gogoi
By Hemanta Kumar Nath, 25/04/2019, Guwahati

While five more phases of the Lok Sabha elections yet to be voted, former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi seems more confidence that, the Congress will form the next government. While addressing a press conference held in Guwahati, Gogoi said that, the BJP has lost its grip in major states in the country and it reflected in the recent elections and also in the first three phases of the ongoing Lok Sabha polls.“Congress will win at least 8 out of 14 Lok Sabha seats in Assam and the party will form the next government in centre,” Gogoi said. The former Assam CM had criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and alleged that, the Prime Minister had violated the model code of conduct in many occasions.

“But the Election Commission of India doesn’t take any action. The Election Commission of India is now a toothless Election Commission. The Prime Minister Modi has appointed Election Commissioner in such a way so that he will be the loyal of the Prime Minister. He (PM Modi) appointed not an independent person, who can take action against any person. He only appointed the yes man. So that is a tragedy,” Tarun Gogoi said.Gogoi also criticised the PM interview taken by bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. “It is another drama. In his five years tenure, Modi didn’t attend any press conference,” Gogoi said.

“We never seen that, a bollywood actor had taken interview of a Prime Minister,” the former Assam CM said. On the other hand, Tarun Gogoi admitted that, the Congress party was failed to take the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) issue as an election issue.“While the BJP had announced that, they will bring the CAB if they come to power again, our party was failed to carry this issue to the grass root level. Even other anti-CAB organisations were also failed to carry it to the grass root level and it will definitely impact in the election results,” Gogoi said. Reacting over the sexual harassment allegations against the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi, former Assam Chief Minister on Thursday said that, there is a conspiracy. Gogoi alleged that, the Prime Minister Modi wants that, the autonomy to be weakened.

“Today, the image of the SC has gone down. We want, that should be thorough inquiry and find out the conspiracy, who is behind it. Why this type of conspiracy has been taken place,” Gogoi said.The former Assam CM said that, during the tenure of Modi, all sort of things happened in RBI, SC, Election Commission, UGC, CBI, Income Tax ED. “It's danger for democracy. He (Modi) should be above all, it is his duty to see that the autonomy is maintained. But he is the man who wants that the autonomy to be weakened,” Tarun Gogoi said. Gogoi said that – “We have to maintain the independence of judiciary. We want thorough inquiry, conspiracy should be thoroughly exposed and conspirator should be punished heavily”. The three phases of Lok Sabha poll for 14 seats in the state was ended with over 81.52% voter turnout.