CPI(M) calls for resistance in Tripura
By Our Correspondent, 10/02/2019, Agartala

The people and the CPI(M) rank and file continue to resist the fascistic attacks mounted by the BJP and its state government in Tripura. This was claimed by CPI(M) politburo in a statement. At the meeting politburo members discussed the state-wise reports on the electoral tactics the Party would pursue in order to achieve the following tasks: • Defeat the BJP alliance, Increase the strength of the CPI(M) and the Left in the Lok Sabha Ensure an alternative secular government is formed at the Centre.The Central Committee meeting scheduled to be held on March 3-4, 2019 will finalise the details.

The Polit Bureau expressed serious concern over the severe onslaught mounted by the BJP government on public funded education at all levels, particularly on institutions of higher learning and research. Slashing of funds, undermining autonomy and principles of social justice, together with deepening communal orientation through the promotion of mythology as a substitute for objective scientific learning and history have become the order of the day. The Polit Bureau extended its support to the united protest march of teachers of all categories, students and non-teaching employees on February 19 in New Delhi.