Corrupt people are now scared from the watchman’s guard: PM Modi
By Our Correspondent, 09/02/2019, Guwahati

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hit out at the Congress and said that, the corrupt people are now scared from the watchman’s guard.While addressing a public rally held at Changsari near Guwahati, PM Modi said that, the entire country is now watching how the corrupt people are scared from the watchman’s guard and are crying in the name of Modi and Modi every morning.“They will not speak how to advance Assam, what will be done for the North East, what are the plans for the country. But the competition is going on who can more abuse Modi,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi said that, these people are busy plaguing the society and are engaged in provoking the society.“But, we have stood for Assam and Assam's development,” Modi said.“All of you are seeing how strictly dealt with the people who have been robbed of the poor, those who are fighting with the security of the country are being dealt with strictly. Those who ran away from the country by scam, are being brought back, the laws of India are being handled. The previous government has made corruption in the system. But the government has given a strong message by taking action against the corrupt people.

The Prime Minister said that, at the time of the BJP government, Bharat Ratna was conferred to two Assam’s sons Gopinath Bordoloi and Bhupen Hazarika.“I would like to ask the people of BC and AD i.e. those who glorify Congress and after Dynasty that, why you have played the devious game of not recognizing the true gems of the country for decades. Why did it happen that for some people, Bharat Ratna was fixed for them and took decade to honor some other who laid their lives for the nation. The people of the country are seeking this answer. Bhupen Da has played an important role in reaching Assamese language and culture to the country and the world and also raised voice for the deprived and exploited people. But, decades of delay to identify the real gem of India, who contributed so much for the country,” Modi said.