Tripura govt. opens gateway for export of surplus timber from state
By Our Correspondent, 06/11/2018, Agartala

Following the Supreme Court's direction, the Tripura government has opened the gateway for the export of public surplus timber to other parts of the country. "This shall help one earn livelihood by exporting the surplus timber," said the state law minister Ratan Lal Nath today. While briefing the cabinet decision on Tuesday evening at the civil secretariat, Mr. Nath said, "We now allow the export of surplus timber only to other parts of the state." He said, "The state government shall not levy any tax on the export of this timbers, but Rs. 100 shall be charged to the traders as CFT fees." He also clarified that no tree log shall be allowed to export, but only the sized wood pieces can be exported for trade.

"Following the direction of Supreme Court of India, the Tripura government has formed a committee under the state forest department with the PCCF and other officials to study the availability of surplus timbers in our state," adding Mr. Nath said, "The committee found that during the 2016-17 FY the total amount of surplus timber rests at 5, 510 cubic meter which has a market value of Rs. 23 crores, whereas during the 2017-18 FY the total amount restes at a total of 4, 4838.94 cubic meter which has a market value of Rs. 20 crore 32 lakhs."

He said that this surplus timbers can now be exported with the permission of the state government and as per the guidelines of the Supreme Court."For the export of surplus timbers from the state of Tripura, the rail wagon shall move from Dharmanagar," adding to this Mr. Nath said that As per the direction of the SC, the rail wagons shall move carrying surplus timbers from a total of 13 railway stations in the North-eastern region. However, in order to regulate movement of timber from the northeast to other parts of India, the union environment ministry this year has formed a new committee to look into the matter and develop a new procedure if needed.