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Sl No.Description / TitleDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender for urgent FDR of road from JB para Bhagirath para-II PMGSY road to Bhagirath para(L=5.50km) under Gandacherra Division.PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-07-201929-08-2019download
2Tender for lmprovement of Tourist spot connectivity from Amarpur (Fatiksagar) leading to Chabimura and having access to ecoTourism centre in Tripura under NESIDSPWD (Roads and Buildings)08-08-201903-09-2019download
3PRESS NOTICE INVITING e TENDER No:- 07/EO/TRRDA/2019-20 date:03/08/2019PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-08-201902-09-2019download
4Strengthening of road from Gandacherra to Amarpur Ch. 0.00 to ch. Km 17.50 Km/ re-carpeting metalling and seal coating etc under RIDFPWD (Roads and Buildings)08-08-201903-09-2019download
5Tender for Upgradation of road from 1. AA road (near Baramura Gas Thermal) to Taidu (T21) / Length - 10.00 km / (Package No- TR-01-08 P2) under Belbari block.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-08-201906-09-2019download
6Tender for FDR of carious roads under pwd(R&B)Salema subdivision for the year 2019-20PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-08-201927-08-2019download
7Tender for flood damage repair for various section of the NH8.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-08-201930-08-2019download
8Mtc. of road under Santirbazar Municipal Council area!Const. of Bailey Bridge over river Lowgang for connectivity to Cremation Centre at Santirbazar during the year 2019-20.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-08-201905-09-2019download
9Tender regarding MI schemes/ drilling & development and protection of Garia Cherra bank from erosion under PWD. Dated 14th August, 2019.PWD (Water Resources)21-08-201918-09-2019download
10Tender regarding FDR and Mtc. of different roads under PWD. Dated 13th August, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-08-201911-09-2019download
11Tender regarding strengthening of ring road of NIT and replacement of Bailey Bridge by construction of RCC box cell. Dated 7th August, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-08-201905-09-2019download
12Tender regarding Mtc. and FDR of roads under PWD, Kailashahar Division. Dated 16th August, 2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-08-201912-09-2019download
13Tender regarding strengthening and improvement of riding quality of road under pwd.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201905-09-2019download
14Tender regarding strengthening and improvement of riding quality of road from ambassa to kachucherra under pwd.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201904-09-2019download
15Tender regarding replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge under Amarpur Division PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201904-09-2019download
16Tender regarding replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge under Santibazar Division PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201904-09-2019download
17Tender regarding construction of Tripura Judicial Academy at Narsingarh under PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201904-09-2019download
18Tender regarding construction of staff quarters building, RCC bridge and maintenance of road under PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201905-09-2019download
19Tender regarding improvement and widening of road from Kashari Trijuction to Gourangabazar under PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201907-09-2019download
20Tender regarding upgradation of road under Pradhan mantra Gram Sadak Yozana in the West District under PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201911-09-2019download
21Tender regarding upgradation of road under Pradhan mantra Gram Sadak Yozana in the Gomati District under PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201925-09-2019download
22Tender regarding upgradation of road under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana in the sipahijal district under PWD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-08-201912-09-2019download
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