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1Replacement of Spun Pipe Culvert by RCC Box-Cell (2x6.00mtr) on Chellagang -Jatanbari Fire Service road ( at Nizachandra Para) to Asharam Para & Prabin Para over local Cherra at Ch.O.lOKm.(Job No.TP/COM/1/2018-19). 2"d call .PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-01-201925-02-2019download
2Construction of RCC Box Cell culvert (6.00X6.00 mtr) on Ghaniamara to Kamthana BSF Camp road at 0.30 km via Kayadepa under RIDF-XXIV Scheme during the year 2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-01-201925-02-2019download
3Strengthening and Improvement of Riding quality of Road from Tainani to Debipur Via. Adipur. (L=7.80 Km) (Ch.O.OO Km to Ch.7.80 Km)PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-02-201927-02-2019download
4Replacement of Bailey Bridge by Construction of RCC box cell (2x8.00m) on the road from korbong to Radhachran para at Ch: 0.60 km under belbari block under RIDFXXIV(NABARD).PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-02-201928-02-2019download
5Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Box culvert over Local cherra on the road from Namanjoybari bazar to Pramodnagar road at Ch. 0. 120 Km./SH: RCC box culvert,GSB,metalling. carpeting & protection work. (5054 NABARD).PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-02-201925-02-2019download
6Proposed construction shade over existing Gallery at Sabroom Melar Math / SH:- Construction of covered shade, VIP Box, extension of Gallery etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201902-03-2019download
7Providing, Installation and Commissioning of 01(One) No. traction type Geared lift of 10(ten) passenger capacity (680 kg) elevator up to G+3 level at Haz Bhavan, Melarmath, Agartala (2nd Call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201902-03-2019download
8Construction of RCC Box culvert (3x8.00m) over local cherra on the road from Karbook-Silaichari road (Nabojoy Para) to Chellagang at ch. 1 0.80KM during the year 2018-19 under NABARD(RIDF-XXIV). DNIT No: 46//NIT /SE-III/R/2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201905-03-2019download
9PR of VIP Road from Lichubagan to MBB Airport during the year 2018-19 (L=6.50km)/SH:BM & carpeting in/c road marking, placing traffic cone etc. complete (2nd Call).PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201902-03-2019download
10Proposed construction of 12(twelve) Nos. Staff Quarters building [ Type -I quarter - 04 units (one block - twin double storey ), Type-II quarter - 04 units (one block - twin double storey ) and Type-III quarter - 04 units (one block - twin double storey ) ] at Kakraban Community Health Centre (CHC) under Udaipur Sub-division, Gomati District, Tripura under NHM scheme/SH: Building portion including internal water supply, Sanitary installation, Sewage and Drainage works.PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-02-201928-02-2019download
11Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Bridge over Pilak Cherra on the road from Jolaibari-Kowaifung to NH-44 via Banik Para at ch.0.030 Km sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX), [Job No. TP/COM/26/2014-15] /Construction of approach road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-02-201906-03-2019download
12Restoratio.n of the road from Jackson Gate to Bhuturia via Women's College during the year 2018-19/(Digging portion of DWS dewatering pipeline) 19/(Digging portion of DWS dewatering pipeline) and Seal coat etcPWD (Roads and Buildings)09-02-201926-02-2019download
13Maintenance of different Govt. residential PWD quarter under PWD (R&B) Dharmanagar Sub-Division Dharmanagar, during the year 2018-19/ SH: Plastering, wood work, steel work, brick work, finishing work, water supply and sanitary etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-02-201905-03-2019download
14Improvement of formation by earth filling, Mtc. of bricks soling road from N/H of Nirod Das via 2 nos AWC Bhubitilla to PMGSY road under BADP Scheme. Gr. No.-1 (Ch.O.OO KM to 0.40KM).PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-02-201901-03-2019download
15OR of NH44-A during the year 2018 - 19, Ch. from Km 76.00 to 134.00 (i.e from Chandipur to Shimlung, L= 58.00 Km)/ SH:- Clearing of land slide, restoration of road formation, turfing, bamboo palasiding, constn. of unlined surface drain, gunny bag placing in/c soling and bats filling at different stretches. Ch. from 76.00 to 105.00 Km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201928-02-2019download
16Strengthening of Kailashahar - Rangauti road (Portion from Dak Banglow to Rangauti IBB road) (L=7.05 Km)/ SH: Patch metalling, Grouting, re-carpeting, seal coating including CD and road side pucca drain Ch. from 2.50Km to 7.05 Km/ Portion from 2.50 km to 6.35 km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201927-02-2019download
17Construction of approach road of RCC. Bridges at ch. 2.20km & 5.40km Dulucherra and Rambhadra chera ISH:- providing WBM.BM, carpeting. sand seal coating, road side cutcha drain etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201927-02-2019download
18FDR of road from Nepaltilla to Kukicherra during the year 2018-19 (L-2 .20 km)/SH·-Construction of protection wall, repa1r of pot holes, re-carpeting w1th WBM-111 and RSD Ch. 0.00 km to 1.20 km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201927-02-2019download
19Renovation & Mtc. Of Dhalai District Hospital/SH:- Roof treatment and other allied works etc. at Dhalai Distric Hospital Building at Kulai during the year 2017-18PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201906-03-2019download
20Name of work:- Strengthening of road from 82 -Mile to Bhati Dudpur road during the year 2018-19/ SH: Carpeting , Grouting etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201901-03-2019download
21Replacement of SPT Bridge no. 2 at Ch. 3.00 km by RCC bridge on Nadiapurbazar - Old NEC road via Saidacherra Sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX) (2nd Call).PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201907-03-2019download
22Construction of single cell R.C.C box cell culvert (5.00 m x 5.00 m) clear span including approach at ch.1.10 km on the road from B.B road (Gardhang Bazar) to Lowgang Bazar via Rohini Bashak house (L-3.00 k.m). Under RIDF - XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-02-201911-03-2019download
23Strengthing of road from Sarkartilla to Champamura (L-4.00 km) under RIDF-XXIV Project during the year 2018-19/ SH: Re-Sectioning, carpeting, sand seal coating & CD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-02-201906-03-2019download
24Construction of RCC Box-Cell Culvert (2x5.00m) over local cherra on the road from Karbook-Silaichari road (Nabojoy Para) to Chellagang at Chaiange 6.275 km during the year 2018-19 under NABARD(RIDF-XXIV).PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-02-201911-03-2019download
25Procurement of ISI marked Fe 410 grade welded ERW pipes confirming to IS: 3589-2001 (Latest Revision) with both side beveled end of different diameter including carrying of materials, all kinds of loading, unloading and stacking properly at DWS central store-yard, Nandannagar etc. complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-Charge for DTW Schemes in Tripura during the year 2018-19. 2nd callPWD (Roads and Buildings)15-02-201925-03-2019download
26Construction of RCC bridge (Length=36m) over river Thakura Cherra on Gandacherra-Raishyabari road at Ch.7.50km, sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX), Job No.TP/COM/37/2014-15 (4th call)PWD (Water Resources)15-02-201911-03-2019download
27Replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge over Muhuri river on the road from Kowaifung to Panjirai at Ch. 2.225 Km, sanction for implementation of under NABARD ( RIDF - XXIII), Job No TP/COM/17/2018-19PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-02-201911-03-2019download
28Replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge (L=48.00m) over local cherra on Jatanbari to Lambacherra road at ch. 18.60 Km, sanction for implementation of under NABARD ( RIDF-XVII), job No. TP/COM/43/2011-12.(2nd call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-02-201911-03-2019download
29Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC bridge over Gangacherra at Ch. 3.110 Km. of Dataram to Maidabari Road sanctioned for implementation under NABARD(RIDF-XX), Job No.: TP/COM/32/2014-15(2nd call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-02-201911-03-2019download
30NRDWP /RWS/RIDF / TTAADC/BADP /RUBAN/ MSDP schemes under DWS Division Ambassa during the year 2018-19/SH: Extension of PVC/CI/DI pipeline with other allied works under Manu RD Block area within the jurisdiction of DWS Sub-Division Manu. (2nd Call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-02-201902-03-2019download
31R/ mtc. of RWS scheme under DWS Division Ambassa /Excavation and removal of deposited sand, silt, rlay etc. of Intake well, temporary coffer dam & allied work at Ambassa Water Treatment Plant of Kulai under DWS Sub- Division, Ambassa during the year of2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-02-201906-03-2019download
32NRDWP /RWS/RIDF /TT AADC/BADP /RUBAN/ MSDP schemes under DWS Division Ambassa during the year 2018-19 /SH: Extension of PVC/CI/DI pipeline with other allied works under Dumburnagar RD Block area within the jurisdiction of DWS Sub-Division Gandacherra.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-02-201913-03-2019download
33Mtc. of flood damage repair of Agartala town road during the year 2019-20 / Mtc. of road portion from Sri Krishna Mandir to Motor StandPWD (Roads and Buildings)17-02-201907-03-2019download
34Tender for construction of road under Dhamcherra BlockPWD (Roads and Buildings)17-02-201905-03-2019download
35Special repairs to the road from Jayshree to Dhananjoy Para (Length:-3.56 km) / Patch repairing, re-carpeting, road side pucca drain & protection work etc. (Package No-TR-03-40),(Link route No:- L022 under Dasda block).PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-02-201907-03-2019download
36Strengthening of road from Belonia-Rajnagar road near Sonapur Girls School to Monaipathar via Hetalia under Rajnagar RD Block/SH: Patch repairing and re-carpeting etc. under RIDF-XXIV of NABARD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-02-201916-03-2019download
37Different Water Supply Schemes m South Tripura District during the year 2018-19/ S.H.: Collection, transportation and supply of 300 cum pea-gravels of approved quality of particle size range over 2.00 mm to 4.75 mm (best quality ofDurgapur, West Bengal) to Departmental yard in an around of 8.00 km of Belonia.PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-02-201907-03-2019download
38Construction of 08Nos. deep piezometers in different locations of Tripura.PWD (Water Resources)20-02-201905-03-2019download
39Construction of 3 cell R.C.C Box cell culvert (5.00 x 5.00 mtr) clear span each including approach at Ch. 0.70 Km on the road from NH 44 (Betaga) to Basudeb das Para (L0- 36) (L= 4.977 Km) . Under RIDF-XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-02-201915-03-2019download
40Replacement of HP culvert by RCC box culvert over local cherra on the road from Parchim Para to Lowgang at ch. 1.45 Km against RIDF-XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-02-201915-03-2019download
41Construction of RCC Box-cell Culvert on bridge approach of Shilong Mog para - Bhagyamuni Chakma Para (PMGSY road) to Betaga via Lowgang at ch. 2.069 Km. against RIDF XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-02-201915-03-2019download
42Improvement of road from Jolaibari to Hrishyamukh via Ramraibari (L=16.96 Km) / SH:-widening, regarding, C.D. , Side drain, Toe wall , etc. ch. 0.00 Km to 16.96 Km. / Job No. TP/COM/25/2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)20-02-201919-03-2019download
43Strengthening of the road from Battala to Thaibong, L= 2.60 Km Strengthening of the road from Battala to Thaibong, L= 2.60 Km seal coat etc. under RIDF XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201908-03-2019download
44Replacement of existing Bailley Bridge by RCC bridge over Betaga cherra on the road from Manubazar to Sri nagar at ch. 3.50 Km, sanction for implementation of under NABARD( RID F-XX)PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201918-03-2019download
45Improvement of road from Kalacherra to Manirambari Gardhang (L=9.50 km).PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201918-03-2019download
46Improvement of road from Khuripara NBCC road to Ganachandrapara (Total Length:-1.50 K.M) 1st Phase='0.75 km/S.H:-Formation, Toe Wall, W8M-3,PMC ~ Sand seal coating etc.(Ch:-O.OOK.M to 0.930K.m) under BADP Scheme.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201914-03-2019download
47Replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC brigge over Bet Cherra on the road Chellagang to Korbook at Chaitraham para at ch. 0.50 Km, sanction for implementation of under NABARD ( RIDF - XXI)PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201918-03-2019download
48Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Bridge over Local Cherra on Jatanbari to Lambacherra road at ch. 12.00km. under NABARD(RIDF-XVII)PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201919-03-2019download
49Replacement of spun pipe culvert by Box-cell 5.00x S.OOmtr at ch.7.9km of garjee tainani road. During the year 2018-19/SH: Box-Cell etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)21-02-201906-03-2019download
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