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Sl No.Description / TitleDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender for replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge(L=20.00m) over local cherra on Jatanbari to Lambacherra road; sanction for implementation under NABARD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-01-202031-01-2020download
2Tender for maintenance of road from Ranirkhamar Ramkrishna Ashram to Ambedkar Chowmuhani under BADP Fund, West Tripura District, during the year 2019-20PWD (Roads and Buildings)10-01-202024-01-2020download
3Tender regarding M.I Schemes under the jurisdiction of water Resource Division Under PWD. Dated 7th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-01-202031-01-2020download
4Tender regarding Mtc. Of road at different place under PWD. Dated 6th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-01-202027-01-2020download
5Tender regarding proposed construction of Dhalai District Hospital, Phase-II under PWD. Dated 2nd January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-01-202006-02-2020download
6Tender regarding replacement of bailey bridge by RCC bridge over Ganacherra under PWD. Dated 8th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)15-01-202006-02-2020download
7Corrigendum against PNIeT No. 10/PNIeT/EE/DWS/BLN/2019-20. Dated 9tdh January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)16-01-202008-02-2020download
8Tender regarding BADP scheme, construction of innovative type Mini SWTP at ChintaramPara under DWS. January, 2020PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)17-01-202001-02-2020download
9Tender regarding RURBAN mission in Hrishyamukh R.D Block under PWD. Dated 10th January, 2020.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)17-01-202001-02-2020download
10Tender regarding construction of RC bridge over Kalsicherra on Bagafa under PWD. Dated 9th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-01-202029-01-2020download
11Tender regarding construction of MLA hostel at capital complex under PWD. Dated 9th Januray, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-01-202014-02-2020download
12Tender regarding upgradation of road at different location under PWD. Dated 13th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)17-01-202011-02-2020download
13Tender for Mtc. Of different PWD roads at various locations under PWD. Dated 13th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)18-01-202005-02-2020download
14Tender regarding strengthening of ring road and replacement of bailey bridge by construction of RCC box under PWD. Dated 13th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)18-01-202010-02-2020download
15Tender regarding improvement and widening of road form Kashari Trijucion to Gouragabazar under PWD. Dated 9th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)18-01-202015-02-2020download
16Memorandum regarding improvement of road from North Gate to Bhutoria via Budhjung Chowmuhani under PWD. Dated 14th January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)18-01-202008-02-2020download
17Tender regarding improvement of road from North Gate to Bhutoria under PWD. Dated 3rd January, 2020.PWD (Roads and Buildings)18-01-202003-02-2020download
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