Home-stay hits social sites with Agartala flash flood LIVE & flavoured dishes
By Our Correspondent, 11/08/2017, Agartala

When the entire state of Tripura is being badly hit by a flash flood almost after a decade could be witnessed due to incessant shower, a section of people especially the social site lovers who were being restricted from going out this season has on the other hit the social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter going Live with tagline - #Agartalaflashflood and providing the disastrous footages. Another section of people besides uploading live footage of flash flood which has hit the capital town disastrously also got to have some flavoured dishes in facebook cooking or being cooked this season with family members.

However, one cannot deny to the fact that while others enjoying the season in social sites others are being stuck in the flash flood and were rendered homeless, and they were being brought up public only through social sites so that one can really understand what disaster can be. While taking some inputs for the district administration it sounds like danger has knocked the door for a while. As many as 9 rescue boats were pressed in the affected areas like Srilanka Basti, Chandrapur, Pratapgarh and others areas adjacent to the river Howrah, where the river water is gradually increasing.

At least 17 rescue camps are being opened for the affected families in Sadar Agartala and rest many more have been opened in other parts of the state. After a decade almost a disastrous situation caused due to the flash flood could be witnessed this year and the major sections of Agartala including the RMS Chowmuhni, Motorstand, Kama Chowmuhni and others are inundated under the flood water.