Chandrayaan II featured in Guwahati Durga Puja Puja fervour gripped at Kamakhya temple
By Hemanta Kumar Nath, 03/10/2019, Guwahati

The Chandrayaan II mission has become the theme of a Puja pandal in Guwahati as Durga Puja fervour gripped in the capital city of Assam and other parts of the state.The Durga Puja celebration committee of Noonmati Sector – 2 in the city has picked up Chandrayaan II mission as their theme this year.The Puja committee has tried to reflect the ISRO’s lunar mission at the Puja pandal. Some local artists are in busy to make the theme in final shape.

Pabitra Bahadur Chetry, organiser of the Puja pandal said that, they have picked up the ISRO’s lunar mission theme by aiming to educate the new generation.“We are trying to show as what is the Chandrayaan II mission. We have also prepared a model of Vikram lander. We have taken different themes in each year,” Pabitra Bahadur Chetry said. On the other hand, fortnight-long Durga Puja festival began at Kamakhya temple atop Nilachal Hills in Guwahati amid chanting of slokas and rituals by priests.

The Durga Puja celebration has started at Kamakhya temple – a major seat of Shakti worship, from the ninth day of the waning of the moon or ‘Krishna Navami’ and will be ended on the ninth day of the waxing of the moon or 'Sukla Navami' of the Hindu month of ‘Ashwin’. Kamakhya Devalaya priest Mohit Sarma said that, the most remarkable aspect of the Puja is that there is no idol or image of Goddess Durga.“But we have performed the rituals at the temple. Kumari Puja (virgin worship) is performed from the first day after the Navaratri and will be continued till Navami,” Mohit Sarma said.