Traffic resorts to Gandhi tactics
By Our Correspondent, 02/10/2019, Agartala

The word “Gandhigiri” hogged all the lime light with “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”—a movie on Mahatma Gandhi’s vision which is perhaps, considered to be one of the best feature films of all time in this genre. But, what the bike riders and drivers, those who often break traffic laws specifically, of the city witnessed in the roads today is, not in any sense, less than that of “Gandhigiri”. The traffic department of the state on the day of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary , literally, resorted to “Gandhigiri” and decided not penalize anyone breaking the laws. Instead, the traffic officials gifted the riders with a friendship band and requested them to abide by the laws. The department feels, it is a better option to spread awareness among the traffic law breakers instead of penalizing them.

“Every time we fine someone, a negative mindset regarding the traffic police started setting up in their minds. In this way, we are not hurting anyone but trying to put emphasis on the traffic rules. And, of course, it is also a move to remember Gandiji on his birth anniversary” an on-duty traffic officer wished not to be named told this correspondent. The move, in some cases, shocked the riders who were almost expecting to get penalized with a hefty sum of money.“I was amazed. I forgot to take my helmet. And, when I was signed to get stopped by the traffic, I was expecting to get fined.

But, the officer came forward and tied a friendship band on my right hand with lets abide by the traffic rules was scribbled on it” one Ajay Debnath said after getting felicitated by the traffic police with flowers. He also assured that he would never break the traffic laws and hoped that his friendship band will always remember him about his helmet and other necessary arrangements. SP Traffic Pinaki Samanta while speaking to media said, we are not fining anyone. Today we have decided to felicitate those whoever will be found breaking the laws. Trophies and friendship bands are being offered in an attempt to create more awareness in terms of road rules.