Pratima for better health infrastructure
By Our Correspondent, 06/09/2019, Agartala

The state government has initiated a process of talks with established health institutions of the country to set up a super-specialty hospital here in Tripura, Member of Parliament Pratima Bhowmik said today. Speaking to the media persons, she said, a process of talks has been started from the bureaucratic level so that any of the renowned hospital could be convinced to set up their branch here in the state. This move would surely ensure jobs and reduce the extra burden of medical expenditure on state’s economy, Bhowmik told the media. Earlier on, she said, Tripura was not known to the people living in the mainland India, but the wholehearted efforts of incumbent BJP government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tripura is now a well-known state. Now, we are focusing on marketing the state in national and international level. Initially, talks are on to market Tripura tea in the Bangladesh market and improving trade relations with the neighboring country. Once bilateral trade relations could be strengthened further, state’s economic condition will improve in manifold. Speaking on the aspects of Tourism, she said, the state is also planning to improve tourism infrastructure here in the state. Already, the DPR is ready to execute a fresh project depicting 51 Shakti Peethas at Udaipur to enhance spiritual tourism in state. She also said that the government and she herself was working to set up a separate Railway Recruitment Board in here in the state so that job applicants of state get priority in selection process. When asked about the Badarghat elections, she said, preliminary party meetings are over. Until September 20 next we will be campaigning throughout the area. We believe, she said, each election should be fought giving same importance all the booth committees and grass root level workers are ready to give a befitting fight to the opposition, she told media.