85 per cent people of a Hindu Bengali village not listed in final NRC
By Our Correspondent, 05/09/2019, Guwahati

The people of Barguri village  a Hindu Bengali community dominated village under Behali assembly constituency in Assam’s Biswanath district are now spending sleepless night after more than 85 per cent people of the village were not figured in the final National Register of Citizens (NRC), which was published on August 31 that left out over 19 lakh people across the state.The villagers came from East Pakistan in 1964 and they were given shelter as refugees after discussion with the state government.The state government had given 2 bigha lands allotments to each family in the area and established the refugee village.

The government had also given home loan from bank to each refugee family and they are living at Barguri village in past over five decades. Around 800 people of 168 families of the village had applied for inclusion in their names in the NRC, but only 15 per cent people were listed in the final NRC. 35-year-old Biplob Das said that – our ancestors came from East Pakistan in 1964 and they came here with the migration certificate.“We are the son of Assam. The Indian government had settled us as refugees. The government also allotted lands for us in 1967 and we have the land documents. The government given us home loan and we have the documents also. We had submitting these documents with the application forms of NRC. Only 3 per cent people were included in the first draft of NRC and 12 per cent were figured in the complete draft and 15 per cent were listed in the final NRC,” Biplob Das said.

55-year-old Akhil Das seems like totally helpless after his entire family was excluded from the final NRC.  “We are now totally helpless, I gave up food-water everything. I am a daily wage worker. If I would not go to my work, then my family get in trouble. We were forced to go for hearing several times. How can we manage it? The government had set up the refugee camp. The government allotted two bigha lands to each family. Maximum people were not included in the final NRC despite submitting same documents. We are now so worried about it,” Akhil Das said.On the other hand, 63-year-old Madhu Das said that, her son and grandsons name were included in the list, but her and husband’s name were excluded.