TNGCL to open more 6 CNG stations in Tripura
By Our Correspondent, 10/07/2019, Agartala

The Tripura Natural Gas Corporation Limited (TNGCL) has decided to open more compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in different parts of the state to ensure more use of clean fuel in transport sector. "More six CNG stations shall be opened by this financial year," said TNGCL Managing Director Biswabrata Sinha here at Agartala today.

Addressing a press conference today at a private run hotel Mr. Sinha further said, "The TNGCL also targets to generate more employment in the sector." He said, "The TNGCL's city gas distribution business also some upcoming projects are aimed to generate employment opportunities in this state."

"The Tripura government jointly with the centre is aiding us in growing the business of TNGCL ensuring pollution free service to the people of this state," adding to this He informed, "Besides, 40, 000 domestic connections across the state, the TNGCL aims to introduce more 10, 000 domestic connections this year."

"The domestic connections across the state shall be increased by at least 25 per cent compared to previous years with the introduction of more 10, 000 connections," adding to this Mr. Sinha said, "A total of 40, 000 connections were made available since the last 29 years in this state."