Smugglers attack BJP workers
By Our Correspondent, 07/07/2019, Agartala

Unable to put up candidates is most of the panchayat seats CPI(M) has resorted to new low and put forward smugglers to take on BJP workers. In Chandrapur in Dharmanagar subdivision local CPI(M) affiliated smugglers including Dulu Miah, Jamal Miah, Kelu Miah and Fezlu Miah attacked campaigning BJP workers.

One vehicle and 20 bikes were set on fire by the smugglers. Four BJYM members were injured in the attack and admitted to Dharmanagar hospital. Deputy speaker Biswa Bandhu Sen rushed to the spot and demanded immediate steps by police to nab the smugglers.

Lok Sabha MP Pratima Bhowmik also blamed CPI(M) for the attack. There is high tension in entire North Tripura after the attack. Several CPI(M) offices including the main office in Dharmanagar have been ransacked in retaliation , latest reports said.